about me


Nick Tacu was born in 1985 in a small East European country, the Republic of Moldova, in a village called Zaim. He is the fourth from the seven children and has three older brothers, a sister, and two younger brothers. Nick was keen on music from his childhood. His family spent the majority of his time singing and playing musical instruments. His parents offered him a simple countryside life, they raised animals and worked in agriculture.

At the age of seven, Nick went to the music school from his village where he studied the trumpet. At the age of fourteen, he started to play the piano as well and during this period he heard the first pan-pipe sound. Being charmed by that amazing sound, at the age of seventeen he went to Chisinau where he studied the pan-pipe and the Academic Canto. Nick traveled with the pan-pipe in many countries, such as England, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland, USA, Romania. He is passionate about Opera and is now studying at the Academy of Music from Chisinau. He likes to spend his spare time with his wife Valentina and his two daughters Ruth and Beatrice.

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